Shoe stiffening inserts for midfoot osteoarthritis

Midfoot osteoarthritis is a reasonable common cause of pain in the midfoot, in front of the ankle that results in chronic pain and limits mobility. The midfoot consists of what is called the tarso-metatarsal (TMT) joints and naviculo-cuneiform joints (NCJ) and it is these multiple joints that are affected. The symptoms usually start out as an ache or discomfort in the midfoot that is usually worse when standing for long periods of time or walking.

This is often treated with foot orthotics to support the midfoot and injection therapy or medications to settle down the symptoms. Loosing weight can often have a big impact on the symptoms.

Sometimes the rigid carbon fiber plate are used for midfoot osteoarthritis either with or without the use of supportive foot orthotics. A stiff sole shoe is often recommended for midfoot osteoarthritis, so these rigid plates are an alternative to getting new shoes as they are used to make the current footwear stiffer or more rigid. The aim for purpose of these rigid plates is to limit motion of the foot (as movement is painful) and to change the way you walk so that different areas of the foot are used more and the painful areas are used less.

Shoe stiffening inserts for midfoot osteoarthritis:

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