Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What sizes are these inserts available in?
The CarbonEaze insert are sold in mm’s (millimetre’s) lengths as that is the most internationally used measurement system.

Use this table to convert the imperial system measurements to millimetres:


How to measure the size for these inserts?
There are two ways to do this and for the most accurate result, perhaps use both methods. One is to remove an insole from a pair of your current shoes that has one and measure the length of that. Alternatively, you could stand on a piece of paper and trace around the outside of your foot and then measure the length of your foot. Remember that your shoes are typically a bit bigger than your foot.

What happens if I order the wrong size?
Simply send it back to the address on the packing slip and we will replace it.

Can these inserts be cut to the correct length?
No. They are made of rigid carbon fibre, so are very strong and can not be cut. However, if you have access to a grinder and are very careful and follow the proper safety procedures, you could grind a bit of the length to make them fit in the shoe better.

How do you use these rigid carbon fibre inserts?
You simply place them in your shoes and you are good to go. They are only 1-1.2mm thick, so do not take up much room. You can wear them under any insole that is in the shoe or under foot orthotics if you wear them.

It is important that you ease into them at first. It may pay to only wear them for an hour or so the first day and increase it slowly from there. They will change the way that you walk so you do need to allow time for your body to get used to wearing them.

Do you recommend any particular shoes to wear them in?
Not really as they can fit in most shoes. The best shoes to wear them in are those that tend to have a rocker type motion. The highly cushioned Hoka running shoes are great for this.

Do you need a pair or is just one adequate?
If you have problems on one side only, then only wearing one is more than adequate. If you have problems on both sides, then order two.

Do these carbon fibre inserts come in a left and right foot?
No. You simply turn them over for the other foot.

What is the typical shipping times?
We ship every day and do our best to get them to you as quickly as possible but then we are at the mercy of 3rd party shippers to do the rest. Most of our orders do go out internationally.
Within Australia, less then a week, sometimes a little longer to rural areas and WA.
USA and Canada, allow 10 days.
United Kingdom, allow 12 days.

What if our parcel is not delivered?
If your delivery gets lost, we will replace it at no cost to you.

How can we contact you?
We prefer email via the contact us form. We prefer that as this leaves a paper trail and we have a better record of the issue and what has been said. Similarly, we prefer orders to be done via the website rather than over the phone so we have the paper trail.

Can you send us an invoice?
Yes we can and that will contain different payment options to what is available on the website. Just message us with the details.

Who is your online payment processor?
With use Stripe as our payment processor. You can read more about Stripe on Wikipedia. For information on their security processes, see this on their website.

What currency can you accept payments in?
We can accept a number of different currencies, depending on what country you are in. The default currency is US dolars.